I realize that Iran may not be the bestest place for women, but all Muslim countries have horrible women’s rights records — and just after Turkey, modern Iran is the best “Islamic” country to be a [striaght] woman.

Now my main point. When I enrolled in JDM, a Scientific-Applicative collge in Mashhad, Iran, I found out that once again, I’m in a class where the majority of students are female. I made friends with some of them. But I hated the guys there so I dropped out. I know that in REAL colleges, half the class is female too. For example, I emailed all the FUM CS faculty and told them I can help them with ML tasks. A few of them were women, and one of them, Missus Zommorodi, who’s now in Poland, replied to me. We ment and she was a very smart woman. She had a PhD in Quantm Computing. But I hated that she had a Bobbie Brown attitude towards paprs: Millie.

So what do these women do when they graduate? Most of them end up in Web. But then again, the majority of them end up in UI/UX.

They set up shop on Instagram, and they offer their services to anyone who wants it. My boss Carlo once asked me to find him a good UI/UX deigner from Iran who, like me, worked on scale and I managed to find NUMEROUS UI/UX girls from Iran.

Now here’s my question. Is this inherent sexism? Does the fact that most girl programmers from my country do easier tasks such as UI/UX and Web indicate that there’s an inherent sexism in the industry in this country? Of-fucking-course there is! But why?

I’m not saying that an Iranian girl who wishes to purse AI can’t. I’ve known plenty of Sharif and Amir Kabir-educated girls who were better than me at ML, a Scientific-Applicatve dropout. But I, too, don’t work with Iranians because there’s two types of discrimination here: based on gender, and based on degree.

As a dropout, I have aced soooo many interviews, answered all the questions right, and I wasn’t called back simply because Idon’t have a degree. But a girl who doesn’t have a degre has a harder time. So she has to do UI/UX on Instagram.

I work for Westerners. But not all Iranian girls can work for Westerners. I’m lucky that my uncle lvies in Canada and can transfer my money. Not everyone has an uncle in Canada. Not everyone can speak English. Like, refer back to when my boss Carlo asked me to send him a UI/UX girl his way. I tried 5. None of them could speak English. They thought I’m a smooth talker tryingto scam them. I dunno. Most Iranians can’t speak English.

Now I’m nto saying UI/UX is bad. I’m just saying it’s equivocal to soft sciences in programming, and the fact that majority of Iranian programmer women do UI/UX is just a symptom of deep sexism.

So here’s how it is. People, male, female, who are educated at the best universities such as Elm-o-Sanat, Sharif, Amir Kabir, Shahid Beheshti, Ferdowsi, Isfahan etc, immigrate out of this dank cesspit the first moment they get or are hired by the private sector. Those unlucky to have studied at lesser colleges or have no degree like me have to work for the government. But the government, well, you know… I mean, I once called the Iranian Parliament Research Center and I found out that their IT department head is a woman. BUT that could be the exception that proves the rule because the government I know is neither for, nor against hiring women. Not sure. I just know that most women whom I know who work for the public sector are teachers or drones, not engineers.