Bineveneu, Khosh Amadid, Marhaba, and Welcome! (That’s about all the languages I know :D)

So who am I? My name is Chubak. At least that’s what I like to call myself. I believe everyone should find his own identity in life, and his name is one of them.

I’m a Machine Learning Engineer and Automation Expert. This blog is hosted on Github. You can view my Github via this link:

I also have an online resume hosted on Github (again!) which I regularily update. You can view it here:

I have been programming since I was 16. The first program I ever made was a Tetris game which I aptly named “Tetrorica”. You can download it from here. I made this game so long ago, Github did not exist and Git as a tool was mostly unknown, people mostly used TortoiseSVN. So the code is lost :( .

As I grew up, I made more and more tools. One of the tools I made was called Unipers Parser which I made with C#. What this program did was simply provided the user with the ability to write in Unipers alphabet. You can find it in this archelogical site!

I got my TOEFL at the age of 17 and I got a score of 95. Much praise was given. My great aunt gave me a smooch on the cheek and I got the authority as the “English guy” in my extended family. So when time came to go to college, and me, having not studied and failed the University Entrance Exam, mostly in subjects such as theology, Arabic and Persian Literature, I had to take “the L” and go to FUM to study English lit. I quickly, quickly dropped out though. After 3 semesters. That was when I started learning Python, 3 still being in beta! I remember back in the day every module I downloaded gave me the demented IT'S NOT PRINT "STRING" it's PRINT("STRING")! error. I expect the same breakages to happen when 4 comes out. After I dropped out I went to JDM, a small college near our house, to pursue my CS degree…

I grew and grew as a programmer. I started learning ML and implemented my own classifier algorithms. I called it Stella Learn after my mom (named Setareh in Persian but her actual name is the Arabic name for Star/Setareh, Najmeh) whom I love more than anythng else in the world. Don’t worry mom, one day I’ll name something cooler after ya!

I also did other stuff. For example, I made a Mongoose encryption plugin and and a I used OpenGL to make an After Effects plugin.

Currently, I do three things:

1- ML Engineering stuff for my friends Felix and Szymon at OctoShrew, a British Startup which I want to be a part of because I’m sure there’s no one smarter in the world than these two!

2- Automation for various clients.

3- Fun stuff! For example, I made Will Sh3 B33? and a Clickbait title generator.

How’s life? It’s good. Can’t complain. I don’t like glory, money, or any of these stuff. I just want to have enough money to give away some of it, help my family survive, and live as a nomad in the vast world we live in!

So how can you contact me?


The things that I want. By Chubak Bidpaa. A glass of whiskey. The sun to shine. A job in NFT gamedev space that requires low-level coding in the Nim systems programming language. I want my wife back! (MAX PAYNE DEAREST OF ALL MY FRIENDS)

I’m always online on Discord. My ID there is Chubak#7400. My email is [email protected] — don’t ask why I haven’t set up an MX record because then, it will be [email protected]! I really screwed the pooch there lol.

Anyways, have a nice life, stranger!